XENOptics Introduces its Software-Defined Patching Solution at OFC 2017

High-density fiber switch and remote provisioning software replaces ODF and patch panels for zero touch network management.

Los Angeles, CA, March 20, 2017 – XENOptics, a leading enabler of zero touch fiber networks, is showcasing its software-defined patching solution at OFC 2017. The XENOptics solution includes an automated optical switch and remote management software for network provisioning and troubleshooting without the need for on-site servicing.

Addressing FTTH services, data centers, metro and long-haul networks, the XENOptics SOS-288 Remote Smart Optical Switch replaces optical distribution frames (ODF) and patch panels. Priced in line with telco-grade manual patching solutions, XENOptics software-defined patching aims to reduce network maintenance costs while increasing service uptime.

XENOptics SOS-288 is a high-density optical switch belonging to a family of products capable of supporting up to 4000 ports in a single rack unit. A non-blocking optical matrix architecture allows any to any fiber port configurations saving the need to split between inputs and outputs. High optical performance is maintained with a uniform insertion loss of less than 0.5dB and less than 65dB of return loss. Power requirements are kept to a minimum through a unique passive/active latching mechanism that consumes power only while switching.

The XENOptics software-defined patching solution supports remote configuration, monitoring, and troubleshooting resulting in significant reductions in the total cost of ownership. A XENOptics installation and maintenance management terminal provides technicians with direct access to a remote switch based on XENOptics 3D-OS optical switching technology and an element management system (EMS) allows for provisioning of fiber infrastructure. A XENOptics network management system supports end-to-end operations with industry standard OS interfaces for telecom and data applications.

“XENOptics finally delivers on the promise of zero touch fiber networks spanning across geographies and remotely managed from any location,” said Yossi Arol, CTO and Partner at XENOptics, “The high density, reliability, and flexibility offered by our software-defined patching solution enables our customers to scale their networks in line with business growth.”

To find out more about XENOptics software-defined patching solutions first-hand visit booth #3924 at the 2017 OFC Conference in Los Angeles from March 21-23 or visit www.xenoptics.com.